Our Story

Our story? It’s simple, really. To change the way students engage with high schools and colleges… and the way these institutions engage students. And we’ve been working on it for decades.

Of course, this is a story that never ends, because students are constantly evolving. Sure, we know they share many of the same desires and goals we had decades ago as students, but their world is rife with tools and technology that materially shape those desires and goals. And friendships. And interests. And passions. And that’s a world we must step into to reach them.

We’ve been working with students, parents and schools our entire professional lives–trying to figure out what makes students tick, what makes parents do the things they do and how to help schools engage them both to achieve great outcomes.

Publishing. Broadcast TV. Internet. We’ve followed students and parents with the tools they use by creating solutions to help schools reach them, teach them and support them.

We’ve worked with more than 500 universities, have engaged millions of K-12 through college students and parents and know what it takes to create connections that work.

We also know what we don’t know. And that’s why our Professional Advisory Board is made up of some of the brightest and best professionals in education. But here’s a twist for the ages–we also have an active Student Advisory Board helping to shape our solutions. After all, who knows better than students what students want? Whenever we think we do, we are surprised (and delighted!) by their input. Not to be outdone, our Parent Advisory Board also provides invaluable insights that help shape our solutions.

So the next chapter is here. It’s Evolution Labs. And it gives you the power to evolve how you recruit, enroll and engage students and parents.


Peter Kraft



Tracy Howe

EVP-Sales & Marketing,


Peter Tomassi

Board Director,


Ithaca College, New York

Peter worked for Lehman Brothers (circa 1990, on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center). In 1993, Peter founded CMG (publisher of Link Magazine, the number-one college magazine in the country with more than three million readers). It was here he met Tracy Howe, where together, Peter serving as President & Publisher and Tracy as VP Sales & Marketing, the two of them built CMG into powerhouse marketing brand for clients targeting the elusive youth and college market.

In 1997, Peter and Tracy worked together to facilitate the sale of CMG to College Television Network (custom news network in partnership with CNN). In 1999 Kraft and Howe played integral roles on the transition team when CTN was acquired by Viacom, effectively converting College Television Network to MTVu.

In 2000, Kraft and Howe co-founded GoalQuest. The company provided custom recruitment, enrollment and retention programs for colleges and universities around the country. During his seven year tenure at GoalQuest as Co-Founder & President, Peter delivered more than  1,000 programs for more than 500 clients, ranging from University of Alabama to University of Missouri to Loyola Marymount to American University. In 2007, Kraft and Howe facilitated the sale of GoalQuest to private equity firm Halyard Educational Partners.

From 2009 to 2013, Peter founded two more companies focusing on fan engagement and student athlete success for Intercollegiate Athletic Departments. Clients include The Ohio State University, Temple University, Wake Forest and many others.

Personally, Peter is the father of four (two boys, two girls), and lives in Frenchtown, NJ. Peter’s passions are tennis, golf and riding.

Oakland University, Michigan

In 1994, Tracy was head of sales and marketing for CMG Media Group, publisher of Link Magazine (the most widely-read college magazine in the country with more than three million readers). In 1997, Tracy played an integral role in the sale of CMG to College Television Network (CTN). CTN deployed custom news programming in partnership with CNN for the college market, as well as a proprietary music video network. In 1999, Howe was part of the transition team when CTN was acquired by Viacom, effectively converting College Television Network to MTVu (MTV on college campuses).

In 2000, Tracy co-founded GoalQuest with Peter Kraft. The company provided custom recruitment, enrollment and retention programs for colleges and universities around the country. During her seven-year tenure at GoalQuest, Howe delivered more than 1,000 programs for more than 500 clients, including University of Alabama, University of Missouri, SUNY Albany, Loyola Marymount University and American University. In 2007, Howe facilitated the acquisition of GoalQuest to Halyard Educational Partners.

From 2009 to 2013, Howe founded two more companies focusing on fan engagement and student-athlete success for intercollegiate athletic departments. Clients include The Ohio State University, Temple University Wake Forest and many others.

Personally, Tracy is the mother of four (two boys, two girls), and lives on a farm in Frenchtown, NJ. Her passion is horses, having grown up on a horse farm in Michigan. She is an accomplished equestrian, competing in the adult amateur jumper division at nationally ranked horse shows.

Columbia University, New York

A co-founder and key company advisor, Tomassi contributes a wealth of experience from a range of industries including education, ecommerce, crowdsourcing, social media, publishing, music, art and entertainment.

His efforts in developing relevant content for large customer bases with companies like Reader’s Digest, LookSmart, America Online, Philips, Microsoft Home, EducationDynamics and Redbubble helped him develop an understanding of how to engage audiences, especially on emerging platforms and devices. In 1996, Tomassi led a team to create content for a new form of personal computer–Apple’s first tablet, known as the Newton. He also orchestrated a range of offerings on early digital platforms, such as CompuServe, AOL, Microsoft Network and, more recently, web and mobile.

Tomassi served as a member of the senior management teams at Redbubble, EducationDynamics and LookSmart, where he was executive producer of the world’s seventh largest web property. At Reader’s Digest he developed and launched a variety of interactive media products and online communities, spearheading the company’s foray into new media. He became the company’s youngest senior editor on record, and its first new media product director. Yet he spent the greatest part of his career helping colleges and students achieve their potential. His many education clients included University of Vermont, Gonzaga University, New York University, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/United Negro College Fund.

Tomassi holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia University. He is founder of the Columbia Journal of Politics & Society, a leading national policy research journal dedicated to freedom of expression. Twice per year the Journal presents the nation’s best undergraduate writer with the Tomassi Prize, an award established to encourage college students to pursue vigorous independent research. Tomassi also holds a black belt in tae kwon do.

What We Do

We think all industries deserve disrupting now and then, especially those that can benefit from new technologies and fresh, inspired thinking.


Maps before Google and GPS

Classified ads before Craigslist

Portable music before iTunes

Keeping up with old friends before Facebook

Long distance calls before Skype

Travel booking before Expedia, Travelocity and Hipmunk

Selling stuff before eBay

Professional networking before LinkedIn

Transport before Uber, Lyft and Zipcar

Fundraising before Kickstarter

High schools and colleges expect students to exercise critical thinking and creativity when solving problems… shouldn’t they expect the same of the partners they engage? Shouldn’t they expect a platform that disrupts the status quo in student enrollment and retention?

Have you ever asked, “what’s beyond CRM?”

We have.


Each of our products provide an experience, a solution and a strategy that engages students and parents like never before. Using software such as our Dynamic Discovery Engine™ our technology enables schools to deploy information that’s most relevant to each individual user based on personal and academic attributes, such as year in school, gender, career interests and more. The result: a heightened engagement that drives outcomes–real, measurable results.

Our products live in a multi-channel (web, mobile-web-responsive and app) environment that brings together highly personalized content with UI experience, technology and analytics, resulting in a platform that can literally change the way you engage students.


Helping colleges recruit, enroll and retain students

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Helping student-athletes succeed inside and outside of the classroom

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Helping K-12 students achieve personal, social and academic learning outcomes

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We Are Evolution Labs. Giving You the Power to EngageTM.

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