Our approach to content in our higher education platform provides students with the four types of perspectives they are looking for:
  • Self-selected content – students¬†provide information about their interests–including clubs, activities and programs of study that interest them.
  • Suggested content – based on what S360 gleans from the range of data sources available¬†(PSAT, PLAN, etc.) as well as their behavior in the S360 app and website; thus, S360 considers how a student appears “on paper” and in real-life through day-to-day interactions with the platform.
  • Peer-to-peer content¬†– content and advice offered by current students (e.g., student ambassadors or peer mentors). Peer-provided content–whether in person or online–has become such a key influencer among Millennials and Generation Z that it may well be as significant a factor as parental influence.
  • Curated content – “official” admissions messaging, yet delivered within a “quilted” content experience incorporating the three content areas above.

S360 feeds expert-written content modules to prospective, admitted and current students all year long, customized to the interests and personal attributes of each user (such as demographics, geography and risk status). A parallel version of the S360 Recruit, Yield and Success program is also available for parents.

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