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It’s not a CRM. It’s not a portal. It’s a new way to engage students and break out from the clutter.

At the core of S360 is our Dynamic Discovery Engine™, which enables colleges to deploy content that’s most relevant to each individual user based on relevant information, such as year in school, gender, career interests and more. The result: a heightened engagement that drives outcomes–real, measurable results.

S360 lives in a multi-channel (web, mobile-web responsive, and app) environment that brings together highly personalized content with UI experience, technology and analytics, resulting in a platform that can literally change the way you engage students.

Proprietary features include:

  • Dynamic Discovery Engine(™)
  • 24/7 reporting center with CRM and online classroom integration
  • Social media feed integration
  • Custom and harvested content integration and tagging
  • Live chat
  • Gamified trivia and other interactive features
  • Peer mentor/ambassador matching
  • Versioning capabilities to segment content for international students, transfers, adult/online learners and graduate level students

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