SUITE360™ FOR K-12

Evolution Labs’ K-12 solution enables schools and districts to implement a web and app-based digital toolkit that helps students and staff achieve success inside and outside of the classroom. Known broadly as Suite360, the platform was developed with input from students, faculty and parents. Tailored by grade and age to cover specific topics and subjects, the content is grouped into three meta-categories:

  • K-5
  • Middle School
  • High School
Suite360 utilizes web, mobile app, mobile messaging and social media to help K-12 students and parents navigate a range of issues, from social and emotional learning (SEL) to character development to health and wellness.

Did you know?

According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, at least 34% of today’s teens acknowledge having experienced cyberbullying, with many other studies suggesting as much as half. According to the New York Post, Cyberbullying in New York City public schools has increased 351% over the past two years. Cyberbullying is no longer a novel threat that makes headlines now and then. It is a defacto part of student life.

In addition to content and programming for students and parents, Suite360 Staff provides staff training on critical topics such as sensitivity training and state-specific compliance training.
Suite360 provides an immersive content experience that can be tailored to districts and individual schools, while drawing on nationally recognized best practices. The programs use an array of content vehicles, including:
  • Expert-created content, on a wide-range of issues
  • Required and elective topics
  • Robust reporting center that tracks student engagement
  • Incentives  to encourage use
  • Grade appropriate content
  • Risk reduction for districts and schools
  • Edutainment™ videos designed to educate and entertain viewers
  • Heuristics™ personal discovery modules and self-test tests
  • Consistent messaging streams all-year long, emphasizing relevant content
  • Integrated pre- and post-assessments to track completion of required topics
  • Integrated social media content
  • Versions for elementary, middle school and high school
  • P360 (for parents)
  • A360 (a complete professional development program that arms teachers, coaches and school administrators/staff with the tools they need to bolster student success)

Content is drawn from a vast library of expert-developed interactive, text and video based material that can be easily tailored to achieve the learning outcomes desired by states, districts and individual schools. Sample topic areas include:

Character Development
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)
General Mental Health
Relating to Others
Financial Literacy
Appreciating Diversity
Middle School
Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)
Mental Health
Personal Development
Time Management
Social Media
Parents and Family
Sexual Health
Substance Abuse
High School
Substance Abuse
Parents & Family
Online Safety
Physical Health
Athletic Leadership
Academic Success
Body Image
College Prep
Dieting and Nutrition
Eating Disorders


Suite360 clients have seen material improvements in student engagement with non-academic “success” content. These increases include improvements in the frequency of student engagement, depth of engagement, initial content absorption and long-term knowledge retention. For more information on our program outcomes, contact us.
Clients include North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District, Jamesburg Public Schools, Buena Regional School District, Edward M. Kennedy Middle School and Burlington Township School District.
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