Our K-12 solution lives in a multi-channel (web, mobile-web-responsive and app) environment that matches students to the character ed and social & emotional content most relevant to their individual journey, propelling them toward the learning outcomes that your school or district deems critical to their success. The Suite360 technology platform features:
  • Robust reporting to track student engagement
  • Email, SMS and in-app messaging to encourage ongoing participation
  • Built in “gamification” / “incentivization” to encourage use
  • Desktop, web-responsive and mobile app design
  • Live chat and one-to-one counselor interaction
  • Student privacy protection

In addition, Suite360 was designed with the participation of students at all K-12 grade levels, and the user interface across the desktop, tablet and mobile experience reflects that input. Evolution Labs maintains a standing K-12 Student Advisory Panel to ensure that our platform is as compelling to actual students as it is to staff and admin. Some call this approach “student-centric.” We call it common sense.

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