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Peter Kraft has spent his career developing products that engage students, student-athletes and their parents while helping high schools and colleges achieve their objectives. He is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Evolution Labs.

A Detention/Suspension Revolution

JULY 18, 2018 / by CHELSEY ERWIN A Detention/Suspension Revolution Some people say there’s no such thing as a bad student—only bad teachers. As a special education teacher, my own experience reflects this common wisdom. The right approach is everything, especially for those students who need the most support. You can find many examples of the wrong educational approach in [...]

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Social & Emotional Learning: The Missing Link to Driving Student Academic Performance

JULY 18, 2018 / by CHELSEY ERWIN Social & Emotional Learning: The Missing Link to Driving Student Academic Performance. Would you rather your child be smart or kind? A good student or a good person? The choice is hard for a reason, because you should not have to make that choice. Today’s students have been struck by a social and [...]

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School Detention and Suspension: How to Reduce Recidivism

When a student got detention twenty years ago, they would basically just sit in the principal’s office or an empty classroom, doing “busy work”, or worse, nothing at all. Today, nothing has changed. Students are usually still sitting there doing nothing during detention or suspension, getting further and further behind in class. To some students, detention is a welcomed reprieve, [...]

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I was reminded recently that when your workout stops generating results for you, do something different. Interesting how the same thing applies to Enrollment Management. When things stall out, why continue doing the same thing? Do something different. We all stick with what we’re comfortable with, but that’s not always the best way to get results. We often meet with [...]

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We know. We know. And we’re sorry. We know you expected your new CRM to solve all your problems. And help you drive more Inquiries. And Apps. And Yield. But we know it’s not that simple. CRM’s are great tools, but like a Chef’s kitchen, they’re only as powerful as the team using it. (Think Microsoft Excel or Word - [...]

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It’s amazing how savvy teens are these days. We did a focus group recently and a young lady (Sarah, a junior in high school) said, “I want to be an Outlier.” (I think she had just read Gladwell’s book and it was on her mind). “But schools who are sending me stuff are all doing the same thing. So if [...]

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If we know that Gen Z prefers to engage in web and mobile environments (‘prefers’ is probably an understatement), then why aren’t we doing more to meet them in their world? Any school who still believes a student will walk through the office and knock on their door to discuss something that’s bothering them is delusional. They’re stuck in ways [...]

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What exactly is character development? In a nutshell, it’s teaching a kid how to be a good person. It’s also referred to as moral education. And K-12 schools are increasingly responsible for developing character of their students. Empathy, understanding, compassion, being a good listener, respect and honesty are all examples of character traits that schools work to develop in their [...]

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Stealth Applicants

I've been writing about this for 2 years, so I thought it might be helpful to hear it from another perspective... Here's an article in eCampusNews by Lauren Meade that discusses the issue: The “stealth student” applicant becomes growing concern for admissions This is a post I wrote over a year ago on the same topic: COLLEGES ARE GETTING SMARTER [...]

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Because it makes a lot of sense. PPY (Prior-Prior-Year) is a smart move. And I’m not going to write about what it is (because anyone reading this should already know). So let’s talk about the impact it’s going to have on your business processes, PJ requests and even enrollment. I’m predicting some big changes: WAY more questions from students and [...]

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