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Our higher education platform, known as S360, helps colleges and universities find, enroll and retain students and engage their families to help achieve a wide array of institutional goals, from improving the quality of your prospect pool to increasing yield to engaging parents during every window of the enrollment funnel.

At the core of S360 is our Dynamic Discovery Engine™, which enables colleges to deploy content that’s most relevant to each individual user based on relevant information, such as year in school, gender, career interests and more. The result: a heightened engagement that drives outcomes–real, measurable results.

S360 lives in a multi-channel (web, mobile-web responsive, and app) environment that brings together highly personalized content with UI experience, technology and analytics, resulting in a platform that can literally change the way you engage students.

S360 includes five core modules that help schools with their mission-critical objectives:

SEARCH  Engage cold leads to generate inquiries and keep those inquiries engaged until they enter the application window

RECRUIT  Drive applications while engaging prospects both before and after they apply—all the way through acceptance (or denial)

YIELD  Immerse admitted students in programming designed to strengthen their affinity with your school and the specific programs and activities in which they have demonstrated interest

SUCCESS  Engage enrolled students to enhance student success and increase retention and graduation rates

PARENTS Engage parents in all windows, partnering with them for their students’ success through our revolutionary P360 program

Beyond CRM

A CRM is a software tool and can be a great way to store data, but it’s not a true-engagement solution. In all our focus groups with students around the country, not once have we heard a prospective student say, “I like the way they’re using their CRM to communicate with me.”

Most schools will ‘customize’ their outbound CRM communication by inserting {{first name}} or {{major}} variables, and that’s about the extent of it. But teens are savvy. They know you’ve sent that same message to thousands of other kids and just changed the name. Do you feel special when you get messages like that? Your audience doesn’t, either.

With S360, prospective students get to select the content they want, just like they do in every other content experience they engage in (Netflix, Newser, Social Media, etc…). And as they interact with S360, the platform adapts to their individual interests and preferences. Our program is coupled with custom and harvested content that tells your story on both a macro and micro level. Does your CRM do this?

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