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SA360™ for College Athletics

Student-athletes face an additional set of stressors and pressures that may affect their mental health as well as their personal and academic success.

Did you know?

According to the American College Health Association more than 31 percent of college undergraduates report symptoms of depression so severe they find it difficult to function. That figure is projected to be 10-22% higher for student-athletes.

SA360 was built by the founders of GoalQuest–creators of revolutionary tools for student success and retention. The program consists of web and mobile-deployed learning modules that communicate important success information, mental health tips, NCAA compliance reminders and leadership education to student athletes. The content foundation is a proprietary library of articles, videos, heuristics (learning immersion modules) and self-assessment surveys that benefit student-athletes¬†in the four pivotal areas of development¬†(Student, Self, Athlete, Citizen).

With a vast library of content written by student retention experts, a robust deployment platform and analytics that monitor student athlete engagement, SA360 brings a revolutionary approach to engaging and helping student athletes succeed. The program employees a multi-faceted methodology to help schools understand and react to concerns of individual student-athletes, as well as specific cohorts (squad, gender, year, etc…).

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